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Scholarship Guidance

While selecting a International University or College, you have numerous options of Scholarships available which you may not be aware of”. We work out to our best levels so that you may get one of the followings at the time of admission. (If Applicable)


These awards are based on a applicant's academic, athletic or extra curriculum abilities, and often factor in an applicant's community service record.

Student Specific

These are scholarships for applicants who initially qualify based on factors such as gender, race, religion, family and medical history, or many other student-specific factors.

Destination Specific

These are scholarships awarded by the government of a specific country to students planning to pursue a study abroad program in that particular country. They are awarded as an incentive to study in there instead of elsewhere.

Program Specific

These scholarships are often given on the basis of academic and personal achievement, but qualifications will vary based on the particular scholarship.

Subject Specific

Subject-specific scholarships are awarded by study abroad programs or institutions to students based on their particular major or field of study. These scholarships may require the recipients to enroll in subject-specific courses while abroad or conduct subject-specific research while abroad.