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Tourist/Visitor Visa

Alberta Consultants are a trusted name in providing the best worldwide Tourist/ Visitor visa consultancy services. We have specialized team and expertise dealing with Tourist/Visitor Visas applications for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe (Schenegan), Asia and more than other 20 Countries globally.

We specialize in preparing your application for Visa as per the regulations and policies of more than 30 embassies.

Document Checklist for Visitor / Tourist Visa:

  • Valid Passport
  • Applicable Visa Fee Payment
  • Invitation from Destination Country (Sponsor)
    • Passport Copies
    • Job Letters
    • Salary Slips
    • Tax Papers
    • Invitation Letter
  • Day to Day Planned Itinerary (If applying as Tourist)
    • Hotel Booking
    • Travel Booking (Return Air ticket)
    • Travel Insurance
    • Statement of Purpose (Cover Letter)
  • Financial Proofs (Applicant) (If showing Business)
    • Business ITRs (Three Years)
    • Balance Sheets (Three Years)
    • Business Bank Statement (6 Months)
    • Cover Letter on Business Letter Head
    • Personal ITR (Three Years)
    • Bank Statement Personal (6 Months)
  • Financial Proofs (If showing Job)
    • Personal ITR (Three Years)
    • Job NOC from Employer/ Leave Letter
    • Bank Statement for Salary Deposit/ Salary Slips for Last six months
    • ID Card
  • CA Valuation of Assets (Moveable & Immovable)
  • School Leave Letter for child (If Full Time Student)
  • Financial Proofs of Spouse (If Available)
  • Any other Supporting Document

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